Monday, September 4, 2017

New Blog - "History for Atheists"


For those who have contacted me over the last couple of years asking if I will be adding more reviews to this blog, I'm afraid the answer is "no".  Last year I began a new blog dedicated to correcting the bad history and pseudo history presented by many in the "New Atheism" movement.  As an atheist myself, these distortions of history bother me and the fact that no other atheists are correcting them is a problem.  So thanks for your readership here, but please join us at "History for Atheists".

Tim O'Neill


whitney said...

You should link to your new blog. You seem to have 2 iterations and the older one comes up when I search for it. I already have the new one bookmarked but I don't want anyone to get lost. Looking forward to your next post!

Tim O'Neill said...

The link in the post above goes to the new blog. And the older blogspot address diverts to the new domain anyway. So I can't see the problem.

Mats said...

Welcome back mr Tim